Wedding Bands

A wedding ring can be so much more than a simple band. Why settle for something ordinary when you could get wedding rings that are as distinctive and special as the couple who will be wearing them? The jewelers at Rasmussen & Co. Fine Jewelers in Spanish Fork are here to provide an exceptional wedding ring shopping experience for you.

When we see couples at our Spanish Fork jewelry store, one of the first questions we ask them is whether they are interested in matching wedding bands. While many couples opt for matching wedding rings, plenty go for different styles and even different metals.

One of the most important factors to consider is lifestyle. If you are a person who works with your hands — for instance, a construction worker, landscaper, or cook — or if you play a lot of sports, you may want to opt for a simpler style. Or, take your wedding ring off if you’re engaging in precarious activities and get a second, inexpensive band to wear for those occasions.

Wedding Bands for Women

Spanish Fork brides often want their wedding ring to match their engagement ring. This only makes sense, since the two will sit on your finger, side by side, for eternity.

You may be satisfied with a basic match of the same color metal. Some brides take it a step further and opt for a custom wedding ring and engagement ring designed especially for them. You can choose a particular pattern for the metal, add stones or incorporate other details. Our jewelers listen to your preferences and make suggestions they think you’ll love.

ring on a newly wedded bride

Wedding Bands for Men

Sometimes grooms are surprised that matching wedding bands are not as close of a match as they had imagined. Matching wedding bands are the same color metal, but at our jewelry store, we see brides who choose a magnificent, jewel-encrusted band while the groom opts for a band that is simple, yet elegant.

While many wedding rings for men are smooth and unadorned, we can show you ways to make yours unique without being flamboyant. An understated geometric pattern adds distinction, while incorporating a second color or a small stone makes your wedding band truly yours without being too over-the-top.

Best Jewelry Store in Spanish Fork

Whether you opt for simple and traditional wedding rings or a truly elegant pair of custom wedding bands, you can rest assured that the craftsmen at our jewelry store are dedicated to the task of sourcing or creating the wedding rings of your dreams.

To us, quality is paramount. We create and sell wedding rings that are beautiful, and we expect them to hold their beauty throughout all the years of your marriage. Whatever you have in mind for wedding rings, diamond engagement rings or any other type of jewelry, remember no one can surpass the years of experience and level of skill of the jewelers at Rasmussen & Co. Fine Jewelers of Spanish Fork.