If you live in Provo, Utah, and are looking for the best jewelry store for diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, visit Rasmussen & Co. Fine Jewelers. We have been a top Utah jewelry store since our founding more than 130 years ago and we have a loyal following that goes back generations.

Shopping for wedding rings is exciting! At the same time, it can be a little stressful. Brides are often unsure of exactly what type of ring they want and grooms can be concerned about how much they can afford. Don’t worry — the team at Rasmussen & Co. Fine Jewelers will put your mind at ease. Our No. 1 priority is our customers, and we want you to feel like a member of the family when you come into our jewelry store.

Choosing Diamond Engagement Rings

We have a lifetime of experience as jewelers, and we are only too happy to share it with our customers. When couples from Provo and the surrounding area come in to shop for engagement rings, we talk to them about the four C’s of diamond rings: color, cut, clarity and carat. Once our customers understand how diamonds are graded and priced, they can feel more confident shopping for what they want.

When people think of diamond engagement rings, they often think of a simple solitaire ring. And while these are beautiful, we want you to know you have choices. Here at Rasmussen & Co. Fine Jewelers, we stock a wide variety of diamond engagement rings of all styles and at many different price points.

Custom Engagement Rings in Provo

While some couples love the experience of coming in to browse our diamond engagement rings, others have a particular style of ring in mind. And for them, we offer custom engagement rings.

We can design a custom engagement ring for you based on your specifications, or we can come up with some different designs we think would match your preferences. The best part is that you can easily ask for changes to the design, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring created just for you.

We’re your one-stop shop for wedding jewelry, with a beautiful selection of men’s and ladies’ wedding bands as well as engagement rings. You can get a matching set — diamond engagement ring and wedding band — or you can select a simple or different style band. It’s all about your preferences.

We always take care of our customers, and urge you to return if you ever need your rings cleaned, your setting tightened or any repairs done. In fact, we repair all types of jewelry, including watches, regardless of where you bought the piece.

Rasmussen & Co. Fine Jewelry Serving Provo

Our specialty is diamond engagement rings, but we also carry a wide selection of all types of jewelry, suitable as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and more. Come in today and see why we’re known as northern Utah’s best jewelry store.