Our Story

Welcome to the only jewelry store in Utah that offers over 130 years of family jewelry experience.

At Rasmussen & Co Fine Jewelers, we don’t just sell jewelry – we help create cherished memories and moments with our customers.

Relationships are at the heart of our business for over 130 years, which is why we make you two promises:

  1. We promise to listen to your needs and treat you like family.  We have a saying here: The first time you come to Rasmussen & Co, you’re a customer; by the time you leave, you are family. You matter to us, and we vow to help you, like we would our own flesh-and-blood. We want your heart to be expressed in every piece we sell, create, or repair – everytime!
  2. We promise to provide the best workmanship and quality at the best possible value.  You deserve a piece that will last a lifetime, or longer! We have been taking care of our customer’s pieces for generations and we vow to continue to do the same for you. We aren’t here to provide you with the cheapest materials – we want to provide you with the best pieces at a price that is competitive and fair.

We don’t mark items up just to mark them down and make you feel like you got a deal. We mark them right the first time and we do it to give you the best options at your disposal!

No matter where you are or where you go, our promises remain true. We have clients all over the world and it is our joy to help them tell their stories. Contact us and let us help you tell yours!

All the best,

Michael & Stephenie Rasmussen

and the entire Rasmussen & Co Fine Jewelers family

Please read below and get to know our family

Six Generations Polished to Perfection

Christopher Velhelm Rasmussen

In the mid-1880s Christopher with his family Immigrated to the United States from Denmark. After making a long trek across the country, his family eventually settled in Salina, Utah. He brought over his crafts of goldsmithing and fine clock making & repair skills. He was the only member of his family to immigrate and therefore he was tasked with carrying on the family name and the family crafts.

William Leander Rasmussen

William was eager to learn the family crafts and quickly acquired the the necessary skills from his father Christopher. While he held many jobs throughout his life to provide for his family, his pursuits always returned to the family trades. He often practiced this trade as part time work from his home in Salina, UT and he always maintained the value in teaching his posterity.

Roger William Rasmussen

As a young boy Roger began learning the family business and found his talents to grow quickly. He explored many opportunities in his life’s work but he always returned to the family trade. In the early 1960s with a young family Roger and his wife Colleen opened their first retail jewelry store in Spanish Fork, Utah, Rasmussen Jewelers. (We have come full circle!) Subsequently they opened Rasmussen’s Watch Repair, & University Jewelers both in Provo, UT. Roger attended school at the Rolex factory in New York where he became an authorized Rolex Watch Repairman. Roger struggled with a young family and new businesses and eventually went to work with Bullock and Losee Jewelers (later known simply as Losee Jewelers) with his son Jim.

James Roger Rasmussen

Jim was the only one of Roger’s two sons that followed in the family trade and his forefathers’ traditions. As Jim’s skills grew, it was necessary for him and his father to find a better opportunity to provide for both families. In early 1970 both Jim and Roger left Bullock & Losee Jewelers and bought Alexander’s Fine Jewelry in Laramie, Wyoming (Jim still owns this store and runs it today). This event dramatically changed the course of the Rasmussen family. After the purchase of the Laramie store Roger & Jim opened or purchased stores in Farmington, New Mexico, Greeley, Colorado, Salina, Utah, Gallup, New Mexico, & Phoenix, Arizona. Leading to deeper roots in the jewelry business than any preceding generations had.

Michael James Rasmussen

In the early 1990s fresh out of high school Mike came to work in the Laramie, Wyoming store and learned the family trade while attending the University of Wyoming. After spending 10 years working at Alexander’s in Laramie, WY Mike and his young family decided it was time to move on. At this time, he went and trained under a jewelry manufacturer and eventually opened a store in Salt Lake City, Utah. He only owned that store for a short couple of years when he found himself immersed in a corporate sales career for 15 years. While in corporate sales he continued to create one of a kind custom pieces for close friends and family. In 2019, Mike and his wife Stephenie decided to bring his inherited family skills of quality craftsmanship and hard work back to Spanish Fork, Utah. Opening Rasmussen & Co Fine Jewelers.

Trennen & Talon Rasmussen

Currently two of Mike & Stephenie’s sons work for the family business in Spanish Fork and both are learning the family trades of watch and jewelry repair.

As you can see, our experience spans over 130 years and six generations of craftsmen passing their skills and knowledge down from one generation to another. Now you, and anyone you refer to us, may take part in and enjoy the great service, remarkable craftsmanship, & tremendous value the Rasmussen family has to offer. Our family looks forward to serving your family for generations to come.