Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is symbolic of so much — love, commitment, expectations and hope for the future. But do you know what to look for when you’re shopping for a diamond engagement ring? Trust the integrity and the experience of the jewelers at the best jewelry store in Spanish Fork: Rasmussen & Co. Fine Jewelers.

At first glance, you may think many engagement rings for women look similar. But upon a more careful examination, a discerning eye can tell a quality engagement ring from an inferior one.

The Four C’s of Engagement Rings


A diamond engagement ring’s cut refers to its shape. Some popular cuts include round, princess (square), emerald (oblong), oval, marquise (oval with pointed ends), pear, heart, baguette, and trillion (triangle).

While round, princess, and emerald cuts dominate the market now, your choice comes down to personal preference. You might be fashion-conscious and aim for a trendy contemporary style, or you might be more traditional and opt for a tasteful, classic cut.


Clarity refers to how clear the diamond is. Each diamond has what jewelers refer to as imperfections or blemishes. While these cannot be easily seen with the naked eye, they impact the brilliance and shine of the diamond. Diamonds with more blemishes are duller.

Each cut diamond is examined and assigned a number between 0 and 10 on the clarity scale, with 0 being flawless. Diamonds with good clarity are truly brilliant.


While some people opt for pale pink or another color diamond engagement ring, the term color usually refers to how clear the diamond appears. The most-desired diamonds are as clear as water. The more color a diamond appears to have, the less valuable it is.


Carat is what many people focus on when they are shopping for diamonds. While Kim Kardashian’s ring is 15 carats and Beyonce’s is 18, the most common carat size for diamond rings sold in the U.S. is 1.

These are the basics to know before you head to a jewelry store to start shopping for a diamond engagement ring. Rasmussen & Co. Fine Jewelers has a stunning selection of rings in many cuts, colors, and carats.

But some Spanish Fork couples are interested in having our jewelry store create a one-of-a-kind, custom diamond ring. Helping to design your own engagement ring is an exciting process!

It’s a good idea to talk over with your soon-to-be betrothed ahead of time about whether you prefer yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum. While some couples opt for wedding bands that are different colors, many want a matching set to symbolize their new union, so if this is your choice, you want to agree on color ahead of time.

Next, we can show you how our jewelers can create a custom diamond ring for you that is both timeless and elegant. Ring settings can be customized in innumerable ways but adding tiny stones around the solitaire or to the band. The band itself can be customized by varying width, adding details, or personalizing it in other ways.

Make an appointment to talk to the jewelers at Rasmussen & Co. about your diamond engagement ring preferences. We’ll show you how beautiful your ring can be.